The ICO educational programme provides a conceptual basis and organizing framework with the aim of supporting PhD candidates to develop themselves to the highest possible level of professional researcher in the field of education and training. To this end, ICO establishes formal educational structures and networks of PhD candidates together with experienced researchers to build communities of learning and practice.

Course registration regulations
Course registration procedure and fee

ICO Courses 2020-2021

Preliminary programme

Thematic Courses

Course name
Theme group
20-BES Learning and Instruction:
Jos Beishuizen, Tessa Eysink, Bjorn de Koning Online, start 1 September 2020
Registration deadline: 20 August
20-T4 Teaching and Teacher Education Helma Oolbekkink, Dineke Tigelaar, Julia van Leeuwen 4-5 November 2020
18- 20 November 2020
Registration deadline: 15 September
21-T6 Conducting Educational Design Research Susan McKenney
Ruben Vanderlinde
4-5 March 2021
29-30 April 2021
Registration closed, full (for now…)
21-T8 Innovative assessment research and implications for practice Renske Bouwer,
Marije Lesterhuis
15-16 April 2021
20-21 May 2021

General and Methodological Courses

Course name Course
20-ICF ICO Introductory Course Fall Sanne Akkerman
Maaike Koopman
NEW date: 28 September 2020 (online)
12 November 2020
Registration deadline: 4 September
21-ICS ICO Introductory course Spring Diana Dolmans
Paulien Meijer
31 March (online)
18 May (Utrecht)
21-MQN Multilevel Analysis with SPSS Sven De Maeyer
Huub van den Bergh
27-29 January, 2021
Registration closed, full (for now…)
20-MQL Qualitative Research – Online course Larike Bronkhorst 30 September- 1 October
7-8 October 2020
Registration deadline: 20 August