The ICO educational programme provides a conceptual basis and organizing framework with the aim of supporting PhD candidates to develop themselves to the highest possible level of professional researcher in the field of education and training. To this end, ICO establishes formal educational structures and networks of PhD candidates together with experienced researchers to build communities of learning and practice.

Course registration regulations
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COURSES 2022-2023

Preliminary programme

Course nameCourse
coordinators / tutors
22-T2ICT and Education: From Theory to PracticeOmid Noroozi (WUR)
Pantelis Papadopoulos (UT)
Reza Farrokhnia (PhD, WUR)
7 October 2022
14 October 2022
21 October 2022
28 October 2022
Registration deadline 1 September 2022
22-T4Teaching and Teacher EducationHelma Oolbekkink (RUN)
Dineke Tigelaar (UL)
Julia van Leeuwen (PhD, RUN)
9-10 November
30 November
1-2 December 2022 Registration deadline 28 September 2022
23-T5Domain-specific education and learningBjörn Wansink (UU),
Michiel Veldhuis (UU)
Romina de Lima-van Gent (PhD, EUR)
Michelle Verheijden (PhD, UM)
9-10 February, 2023
16-17 March, 2023
General or methodological courses:
22-ICFIntroductory Course – Fall 2022Liesbeth Kester (UU)
Jannet van Drie (UvA)
4 October 2022,
15 November 2022
22-RWorkshop R and RStudioSven De Maeyer (UA)
Tine van Daal (UA)
23-25 November 2022
registration deadline 1 November 2022
23-MQL– AdvancedMasterclass Qualitative ResearchJasperina Brouwer (RUG),
Mayra Mascareño (RUG)
21-22 March 2023
11-12 April 2023
FULL – registration closed
23-MQL- BasicQualitative Research – Basic courseLoes de Jong (UvA)
Saskia Akkermans-Stollman (TUe)
7 & 8 June, 2023
22 June, 2023
Registration deadline: 26 April 2023
23-L&IBLearning and Instruction: BasicsMichelle Helms (RUG)
Jos Beishuizen (VU)
Bjorn de Koning (EUR)
Dennis Rivera Villa (PhD, UCL)
Online, February-June 2023
Registration deadline: 1 February 2023
23-ICSIntroductory Course – Spring 2023Liesbeth Kester (UU)
Tim Mainhard (UL)
13 April 2023
1 June 2023
FULL – Registration closed

ICO Event:
ICO ISS2023ICO International Spring School 20238-12 May, 2023
Blankenberge, Belgium

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