Exemption Regulations

These regulations update the current rules for exemption from ICO course requirements, which are part of the ICO Educational Regulations (see for more information Appendix 12 of ICO’s application for recognition as a research school of education from KNAW, 2005). 

ICO Education will consider exemption for ICO courses in the following cases: 

  1. All courses (thematic and methodological) provided by the universities that are full members of ICO that (a) are clearly relevant to educational domains and (b) are related to the educational science paradigm.Points (a) and (b) need to be verified by the Educational Director 
  2. All courses (thematic and methodological) that are provided by KNAW recognized research schools and that (a) are clearly relevant to educational domains and (b) are related to the educational science paradigm. Points (a) and (b) need to be verified by the Educational Director. 
  3. For all courses as described above, and all other courses a request for exemption must be sent by the PhD supervisor to the ICO Educational Director. This request should at least contain (1) a description of the course, indicating that it is within the field of interest of ICO, (2) evidence that the course is taught at the graduate level by an accredited university or national scientific body, (3) evidence that the study load is at least 3ECTS, and (4) evidence that the course has been successfully completed. 

The exemption clause does never apply for courses that have a general academic orientation. Some examples are scientific writing, scientific presentation, tutor training, specific software packages, time and project management, career planning, etc. 

For regular PhD students, it is possible to submit an application to attend two methodological courses, and one thematic course – instead of one methodological course and two thematic courses. To do so, send an e-mail to the Executive Secretary, with your motivation, after which the Examinations Committee will determine if you qualify. 

PhD members with a Research Master can apply for exemption for both thematic courses, and the methodological course, based on their Research Master. To do so, follow the procedure for exemption requests. The ICO Introductory course, making a Junior (2nd year students) and a Senior (3rd year students) presentation either at the ICO National or the International School, and participation in the biennial International School are compulsory for all regular ICO PhD students. ICO Education does not exempt these events. 

On the page Non-ICO Courses you can find examples of courses which might lead to exemption of ICO Courses.

Download the Exemption Request Form or check out the page on Shorter Educational Activities