Information for Coordinators and Lecturers

These guidelines cover a number of matters relevant for ICO course lecturers and coordinators:

ICO Educational Programme
ICO courses are organized in close cooperation with the different research themes represented in ICO. Each year, thematic courses in several themes are organized, as well as the introductory course and methodological courses. 

In the preparation of a new ICO course, as a rule, the ICO director of education will address the coordinator(s) of the thematic group under which responsibility the course is organized. Thus, if you are interested in offering a course as a part of the ICO educational programme, you should best contact the coordinators of the thematic group(s) in which you are active.
A course can be offered under responsibility of one or more thematic groups. It is a good tradition that courses are taught by a small team of teachers from different universities. 

Setup of a course
ICO thematic and methodological courses each have a study load of 1 – 3 ECTS  (time investment 28 – 84 hours).  The introductory course has a study load of 5 ECTS (140 hours). In case it fits the purpose of the course better, more or less ECTS per course is possible.

Practical organization
Once invited to organize a course, you will be approached by the Executive secretary of ICO with the requests to provide an outline of the content and the setup of the course within a reasonable time period. You are requested to provide all relevant information through the course manual. Please take any deadlines into account to avoid disappointments of PhD students and criticism from ICO Management, student representatives and formal evaluation and quality assurance bodies.
The course description will be discussed and evaluated in the ICO Educational Committee (PhD student representatives from all universities represented in ICO) and in the ICO Governing Board (staff member representatives). You will be informed about their feedback.
To help you with ideas for various assignments and methods that you could use in your course, the Educational Committee has combined some examples in the new course manual.

Location of the courses and facilities
The course coordinators will be asked to provide for the locations and facilities at their own university. Invoices for catering (coffee, tea) and rental equipment can be send to the Educational Secretary. 

Registration for courses
It is mandatory for students to register for a course. Students register for a course via the ICO website. Please refer students to this form if they express an interest in participating. 
You are kindly requested to indicate a maximum number of participants. In case the maximum number exceeds 16 persons, we want to advise you to split the group into smaller groups if working on practical assignments. The ICO secretary of education will send you a list with all registered participants at any moment you make an inquiry.
A deadline for registration is set 6 weeks prior to the start of the course. After the deadline, ICO Education will contact PhD students that are accepted to take part in this course to confirm their participation within a week after the deadline. For further details, please consult our regulations for registration.

ICO courses are taught in English. If there are no foreign students in face-to-face meetings, discussions may be held in Dutch.

Evaluation of the course
The ICO secretary of education will send you a standard evaluation form to be filled out by the participants. 
You are requested to give the evaluation form to the participants at the end of the course, collect it immediately after and send it back to the ICO Executive Secretary. You will be informed about the results after which you will also be able to comment on the results. You will be asked to react and provide suggestions for improvement. The evaluation report and your comments will be discussed in the ICO Educational Committee and the ICO Governing Board.

Organizational budget and reimbursement of expenses

The available budget for each course is €2.000,-  in total.

This budget is meant for covering the rental of equipment, catering costs (coffee, tea) and the travel expenses for the lecturers within the Netherlands and Belgium. Travel expenses may include accommodation and meals, public transport costs, or €0,19 per kilometre when travelling by car (parking is not covered).

ICO does not pay a fee to the lecturers. Invoices for catering (coffee, tea) and rental equipment can be send to the Executive Secretary. 

ICO Education does not cover travel expenses and subsistence of the participants. There is no budget for get-together events such as lunches or dinners during face-to-face meetings.

For reimbursement of travel expenses (ICO tutors and course coordinators): Go to

This expense claim form is aimed at natural persons who are not employed by Utrecht University; who do not have a solis-id; and who are not self-employed.
You will be asked to give WBS element that the expenses must be charged to. you will also need the contact person’s email address, which is to be entered on the form:

  • E-mail address contact person:
  • WBS Element: SB.000137

Do you have questions?  or do you need more information about reimbursement? Contact ICO at