Registration regulations for ICO courses

  1. Registration for an ICO course is mandatory. PhD candidates are advised to register for a course as soon as possible. In compliance with article 3 of these regulations, early registration will increase your chances of participation.
  2. After registration, PhD candidates will receive an acknowledgement of receipt in which they will be advised to read these regulations. Also the information in article 5 will be conveyed in this message.
  3. A deadline for registration is set 6 weeks prior to the planned start of the ICO course. After the deadline and if necessary, admission will be determined by the following priorities:
    a) date of registration
    b) ICO PhD candidates
    c) non ICO PhD candidates
  4. Participation is free of charge for ICO members. Membership is accepted only when your research proposal has been approved by the ICO Scientific Committee. For non-ICO members, participation costs € 1.000,00 per course. See for further details Registration and Fee. 
  5. After the deadline for registration, all admitted PhD candidates will receive an email requesting them to confirm or cancel (free of charge) their registration by return mail within 5 working days. Failure to do so can make the registration invalid.
  6. In case of confirmation and subsequent cancellation, there will be a charge (see article 8). 
  7. PhD candidates who have confirmed their participation will receive an invoice, if applicable.
  8. Payment is due before the start of the course and is not refundable. ICO PhD candidates who cancel their participation subsequent to article 7 will be charged € 1000,00.
  9. A list with registrations in excess of the maximum number of participants will be composed. These PhD candidates will receive an email informing them they are on the reserve list and they will be informed about possible participation as soon as possible. They will also be requested to cancel their registration if they are no longer interested in participating.
  10. PhD candidates who have definitely not been admitted to the course receive a letter to this effect and are cordially invited to register again in the future.
  11. Any situation not covered by these regulations will be decided by the ICO Director of Education.