Shorter Educational Activities

The ICO educational programme for full time PhD Members consists of 18 ECTS: 

  • ICO Introductory Course (time investment 140 hours, 5 ECTS) 
  • A variation of ICO courses related to the ICO research themes and research methodology  and techniques (total time investment for all courses combined 252 hours, 9 ECTS). It does not necessary mean that these master classes should be related to the research themes a PhD student has subscribed to. 
  • ICO International school (time investment 84 hours, 3 ECTS). 
  • ICO National School (time investment 28 hours, 1 ECTS) 

Supplementary to the exemption regulation, PhD-students can replace one of the thematic or methodological courses by a combination of shorter educational activities (SEAs). This construction is especially meant for PhD-students that have problems with planning the courses during their research. 

How do I submit my SEAs? 
To submit your SEAs, demonstrate in a portfolio that you have been engaged in worthwhile, high standing activities that fit into the ICO program. Your portfolio must consist of a proof of 1) the quality of the activity, 2) the amount of hours spent on the activity, and3) the learning and/or of working products that support this. Preferably you also include feedback from lecturers, supervisors and/or organizers. 

In the table below we have defined different activities which can be part of your SEAs. The activities are clustered in 5 themes (blocks). To ensure the submitted SEAs are of a diverse nature, you have to submit activities from at least two different blocks. Within every block you can find a description of what to add to your portfolio, and how many hours you can submit for each activity. 

Send in the Form for Shorter Educational Activities, and your portfolio to ICOs Executive Secretary, after which your proposal will be evaluated by the Examination Committee, according to the following criteria:

  1. Is there enough evidence that the PhD student has spent time on the activities
  2. The educational activities are of sufficient level
  3. Are the educational activities aligned with the field of interest of ICO

If you want to know more about the feasibility of your SEAs beforehand, you can make a proposal for the mixture of activities you want to assemble during your PhD project, and ask the educational director to approve your proposal. Older educational activities can be taken into account as from January 1, 2008.

Shorter Educational Activity Blocks

DescriptionAdd to portfolioPlease attach your portfolio as annexNumber of hours or ECTS
Block I: Participation
☐ Participation in a short workshop or (online) course (<3 ECTS per workshop) For instance professional development courses or short courses you have participated in on (international) conferences (e.g. JURE/EARLI/AERA etc.).  These courses do have to be within the field of interest of ICO;General workshops on writing or presenting are not eligible. Workshops on “writing a grant proposal” are eligible. Do you doubt whether your workshop fits the requirements? Contact the ICO  executive secretary.–   Certificate for each module-  Short description of the workshop (½ A4) and the number of hours spent or proof of ECTS acquired-  Written reflection or evaluation of the workshop (½ A4)-  Any products you have produced during the workshop (article, essay, etc.)-  If available, include feedback from lecturers, supervisors and/or organizersHours / ECTS … 
BKOBKO Certificate3 ECTS
Block II: Organisational or teaching activities
☐ Coordinator of a workshop (max ½ ECTS) –     Give a short description of the activities as proof that you have contributed to the development of the workshop (½ A4)-     Add a written reflection or evaluation of the workshop (½ A4)½ ECTS
Master thesis supervision (½ECTS per thesis)  
Lecturer of a workshop–          Give a short description of the activities as proof that you have contributed to the development of the workshop (½ A4)-          Give a short description of the workshop and the number of hours spent-          Written reflection or evaluation of the workshop (½ A4)…. hours/ECTS
☐ Participation in a conference organising committee or symposium organiser(max. ½ ECTS)Give a short description (½ A4) of the activities as proof that you have contributed to the development of the program of the conference or symposium,If available, add the link to the conference website½ ECTS
☐ Invited keynote lecturer (max. 1 ECTS) Add proof of giving the lecture e.g. the invitation you received, a link to website of the conference,  a short abstract of the lecture 1 ECTS
Block III: Editorial Activities
Editorial activities for a (special issue) of a journal (max. 1 ECTS)Add a copy of the special issue or journal1 ECTS
Block IV: Valorisation
Activities with special relevance to society, outside of academia (max. 1 ECTS)  Give a short description of the activities (½ A4) or products as proof of your actions (advisory reports, developed instruments or software tools, membership of an advisory board etc.)1 ECTS
Total amount of ECTS (28 hours = 1 ECTS)……