ICO course planning

This overview gives a rough indication of the planned ICO courses in the coming years. Be aware that this plan has not yet been finalized.

theme or course nameECTS2021-20222022-20232023-20242024-20252025-20262026-2027
T1- L&IB1.Learning and Instruction: Basics (online course)2Jan. 22xxxxx
T1-RDLI2. Recent developments in learning and instruction (online course)2Sept. 22xxxx
T2ICT and education3xX
T3Workplace learning3xx
T4Teaching and teacher education3xxx
T5Domain-specific instruction3xx
T6Educational design and curriculum development3xxx
T7Schools and the societal context of education3xx
T8Assessment, evaluation and examination3xx
T9Higher Education3xx
T10Neurosciences and education3xx
M-QLResearch Methodology  – Qualitative3xxxxxx
M-QNResearch Methodology  – Quantitative3xxx
IC-FIntroductory course (Fall)5xxxxxx
IC-SIntroductory course (Spring)5xxxxxx
NSSNational Spring School1x x x 
ISSInternational Spring School3x x x