ICO Fellows and ICO Alumni

After your PhD-phase you can remain an ICO member, to stay connected to the network and to help ICO build a solid training programme for its PhD members. Also, as junior researcher being an associate fellow you are welcome to join the ICO courses as a participant.

From associate fellow you can grow on to become either a fellows, senior fellow, and after retirement you can stay on as emeritus fellow. Former ICO PhD’s with a research appointment outside of one of ICO’s universities can join us as an ICO Alumnus.

1. Associate fellow

2. Fellow

3. Senior Fellow

4. Emeritus fellow

5. ICO Alumnus

Registration procedure

ICO Fellows (including senior, associate and emeritus fellows)

ICO Alumnus

Registration requirements ICO Fellows

University staff members who wish to register for ICO have to meet the following criteria: 

Associate fellow


Senior Fellow

Emeritus Fellow

Schematic overview of fellowship requirements:

 Associate FellowEmeritus FellowFellowSenior Fellow
The candidate holds a doctorate
The candidate has an research (hospitality-)appointment at one of ICO’s universities
The candidate has played an active role in ICO over the past 4 years*  
the candidate meets ICO’s publication requirements over the past 5 years*  
The candidate has supervised in at least three successful completed PhD trajectories   
The candidate is emeritus professor   

*it is possible to apply for extension of this period on the grounds of care responsibilities or prolonged illness. For more information go to the page extension regulations