Educational Committee

The EC members are concerned with the quality of the educational program. They discuss the evaluations of the courses and master classes, and make suggestions for improvements of the courses. Furthermore, the EC has an advisory role with regard to the aims and components of the educational programme. If you have any questions or request concerning ICO’s educational programme, you can always contact your local representative; ICO can always use your input! The ICO Educational Committee meets several times a year with the Educational Director and the Executive Secretary.

Current members of the ICO Educational Committee are:

UniversityPhD RepresentativePhD Representative
Eindhoven University of TechnologyIlse Maessen 
Erasmus University RotterdamAysegul Karaca Atik Christine van Nooijen
Leiden UniversityMax Kusters
Minke Krijnen
Linyuan Wang
Maastricht UniversityAisha Iqbal RuizAnna Isahakyan
Open University of the NetherlandsMara Kirschner Sterre Ruitenburg
Radboud University NijmegenStef Siepel 
University of AmsterdamThijmen van AlphenBenthe van Wanrooij
University of GroningenNynke Douma
University of Twentevacancy
Utrecht UniversitySophia Braumann*Jonne Bloem
VU University AmsterdamIris Bogaers
Wageningen UniversityAnouk Mesch 
University of Antwerpvacancy
Université Catholique de Louvainvacancy

We have some vacancies in the committee. Do you want to be a part of the Educational committee and do you see there is no (or just one) representative for your university in the list above? Please, contact