Scientific Advisory Board

The ICO Scientific Advisory board advises the ICO Governing Board and the ICO Directors on ICOs long term plans, which  include research goals, quality management for research, and quality management for PhD students’ educational program.

The ICO Advisory Board consists of five members, which are appointed by Board of Governors of the university that hosts ICO, and nominated by the deans of the participating universities.

Current members of the ICO Advisory Board are:

  • Prof. dr. D. Beijaard (Douwe)
  • Dr. J. Kaldewaij (Jelle)
  • Prof. dr. H.P.A. Boshuizen (Els)
  • Prof. dr. F.L.J.M. Brand-Gruwel (Saskia)
  • R. Wouters (Ruth)

The ICO Advisory Board meets once or twice a year in Utrecht.