Theme groups

The different elements in the ICO mission lead to the organization of the research programme into ‘thematic groups’. These thematic groups can be regarded as Special Interest Groups. The thematic groups are responsible for the organization of ICO’s thematic courses and also contribute to the ICO Biennial National and International Fall Schools. Moreover, in a thematic group,researchers may discuss research results and research plans, prepare joint grant proposals and joint article submissions. Both researchers and PhD students participate in these groups. Each group is coordinated by one or more experienced researchers and one PhD student; the theme group coordinators.

ICO Dissertation Series

In the ICO Dissertation Series the dissertations of graduate students from faculties and institutes on educational research within the ICO Partner Universities are published. The dissertation series will be updated once a year, in January. The full dissertation series can be downloaded as a PDF.

Research Quality

The scientific quality of ICO is guaranteed if 1) a high quality training program is offered to the PhD candidates and 2) fruitful collaborations between the participating institutions and staff members take place (Handreiking Kwaliteitsbeoordeling Onderzoekscholen, VSNU). ICO staff members have to meet criteria to register for ICO; e.g. they should have six international publications in the five years prior to the date of admission. ICO encourages its staff members to publish their research in high-quality peer reviewed scholarly journals, by checking the admission criteria of its staff members. Information about the quality of the research programs of the participating institutions is available in the self-evaluation reports of the specific institutions.