Theme Groups

The different elements in the ICO mission lead to the organization of the research programme into ‘thematic groups’. These thematic groups can be regarded as Special Interest Groups. The thematic groups are responsible for the organization of ICO’s thematic courses and also contribute to the ICO Biennial National and International Schools. Moreover, in a thematic group, researchers may discuss research results and research plans, prepare joint grant proposals and joint article submissions. Both researchers and PhD students participate in these groups. Each group is coordinated by one or more experienced researchers and one PhD student; the theme group coordinators.

These groups were established around themes that reflect actual and promising developments in education and training. Furthermore, the themes reflect major topics in Dutch and Belgian educational research.

No Theme group Coordinator
T1 Learning and Instruction

Björn de Koning (EUR)
Michelle Helms-Lorenz (RUG)

 T2 ICT and Education

Omid Noroozi (WUR)
Pantelis Papadopoulos (UT)
Reza Farrokhnia (PhD, WUR)

 T3 Workplace Learning

Renate Wesselink (WUR)
Simon Beausaert (UM)
Elly de Bruijn (OU) 
Christine van Nooijen (PhD, EUR)

 T4 Teaching and Teacher Education Helma Oolbekkink (RUN)
Dineke Tigelaar (LU)
 T5 Domain Specific education and learning

Björn Wansink (UU)
Michiel Veldhuis (UU)
Romina de Lima-van Gent (PhD, EUR)
Michelle Verheijden (PhD, UM)

 T6 Educational Design and Curriculum development Susan McKenney (UT)
Ruben Vanderlinde (UG)
 T7 Schools and the societal context of education

Eddie Denessen (RUN)
Hanke Korpershoek (RUG)
Anne van Leest (UU, PhD)

 T8 Assessment, evaluation and examination Judith Gulikers (WUR)
Liesbeth Baartman (OU)
 T9 Higher Education

Renske de Kleijn (UMCU)
Yvette Baggen (WUR)
Pieter van Lamoen (PhD, EUR)

 T10 Neuroscience and Education vacancy