19-MQLF Qualitative Research (basic)

Course Coordinators:
Thea van Lankveld t.a.m.vanlankveld@uu.nl
Anne de la Croix anne.dela.croix@vu.nl

This course is concerned with central questions, methodological approaches and themes related to conducting qualitative research. In the meetings, the focus will be on: 1) exchanging and discussing knowledge, perspectives and experiences regarding these aspects and 2) the application in students’ own research projects. 

Presentations by teachers and students are alternated with group assignments, demonstrations, and discussions. 

In the first meeting (1 day), we pay attention to different paradigms and philosophical issues related to qualitative research. Also, in this meeting, students will share and discuss their preliminary position papers. 
In the second meeting (1 day), the main focus will be on different methodological approaches in qualitative research and analytic procedures (e.g., grounded theory, protocol analysis, interview analysis and triangulation). Also, attention will be paid to issues of research quality and validity, including the audit procedure. To apply this knowledge, students will perform an qualitative data analysis task or they will audit each other’s research process in peer groups. 
The third meeting (6 weeks later), consists of two consecutive days and will deal with the organization and presentation (oral and written) of qualitative studies. For example, students will learn about how to organize and present data for writing and how to convince the reader that interpretations are supported by the data. 
During the fourth meeting participants will present (a part of) their research project with a ‘qualitative’ dilemma. Two other peer participants provide feedback based on the content of this course. 

Course objectives:
The objectives of this course are that participants 
can articulate and justify their understanding and use of different qualitative research approaches, and what counts as quality in different forms of qualitative research 
gain knowledge of, and practical experience with, several aspects of qualitative research, such as methods, analysis techniques, writing and presentation. 

Requirements: This course is recommended for second or third year PhD-students. First year PhD students may participate only if they have followed the ICO Introductory course. 

The course consists of four days in total. During the first two days, presentations by (guest) teachers are alternated with group assignments, demonstrations, and discussions. 

Dates and locations: 
31 October – 1 November, 2019
28-29 November, 2019
Registration deadline: 22 September

Location: Vredenburg 19, Utrecht (https://www.vergadercentrumvredenburg.nl/route/)

Maximum number of participants: 24 

The student completes the course when s/he demonstrates evidence of having read the articles, is present during the course, actively engages in exchanging and discussing ideas in the workshops and completes the individual assignments according to the guidelines.