Management structure

The Interuniversity Center for Educational Sciences (ICO) includes a advisory and governing board, a scientific committee, an educational committee, a counsellor, an office, participating universities, and members.

ICO Management Team and secretarial office
The daily management of ICO is formed by the ICO Directors, with the support of the Executive Secretary. The Scientific Director is responsible for scientific, educational and financial issues. The Educational Director is responsible for the educational programme.

ICO’s Executive Secretary supports the ICO Board, Directors, Committees and Thematic Groups and organizes all courses and conferences.

Governing Board
The Governing Board consists of one representative and their subsitute of each participating university, and one PhD member. In the Governing Board the long term plans, the educational programme, the annual report, and the financial planning are prepared. Members of the ICO Governing Board play an important role in linking ICO policies to local groups in the participating universities.

Scientific Committee and Examinations Committee
The Scientific Director, the Educational Director and two Board members represent the Scientific Committee, in which the quality of the PhD research proposals is discussed and which approves the PhD research proposals. The Scientific Committee meets five times a year.

This committee also forms the Examinations Committee. As Examinations Committee, they approve of the Education and Supervision Plans attached to PhD research proposals, is responsible for providing certificates and decides on exemption requests. The Scientific and Examinations Committee meets five times a year.

Educational Committee
ICO’s Educational Committee (EC) consists of at least one, but preferrably two PhD members from each of the ICO universities. The EC members are concerned with the quality of the educational program. They discuss the evaluations of the courses and master classes, and make suggestions for improvements of the courses. Furthermore, the EC has an advisory role with regard to the aims and components of the educational programme. If you have any questions or request concerning ICO’s educational programme, you can always contact your local representative; ICO can always use your input!The ICO Educational Committee meets several times a year with the Educational Director and the Executive Secretary.

Scientific Advisory Board
The ICO Scientific Advisory board advises the ICO Governing Board and the ICO Directors on ICOs long term plans, which  include research goals, quality management for research, and quality management for PhD students’ educational program.

The ICO Advisory Board consists of five members, which are appointed by Board of Governors of the university that hosts ICO, and nominated by the deans of the participating universities.

Prof.dr. Jan Vermunt has been assigned ICOs counsellor. ICO PhD candidates who encounter difficulties during their research project or with an ICO course can call upon him for advice. Also ICO post doc members and ICO staff members can contact the ICO counsellor for advice on ICO related matters.