Theme 9: additional information

Staff members of the thematic group Higher Education typically publish their work in journals such as: 

ISI journals
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 
Higher Education 
Higher Education Research & Development 
Innovations in Education & Teaching International 
International journal of sustainability in higher education 
Internet and higher education 
Journal of computing in higher education 
Journal of diversity in higher education 
Journal of geography in higher education 
Journal of higher education 
Research in Higher Education 
Review of Higher Education 
Studies in Higher Education 
Teaching in Higher Education 

ICO accepted journals
Higher Education in Europe 
Higher Education Policy 
Higher Education Quarterly 
International Journal for Academic Development 
Quality in Higher Education 
Staff and Educational Development International 

National professional journals
Onderzoek van Onderwijs 
Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs 
Tijdschrift voor Hoger Onderwijs en Management 
Tijdschrift voor Medisch Onderwijs 

National and international affiliates active in the field of higher education research and practice: 

National affiliates
EHON (i.e., Dutch association for educational consultants); 
HBO-Raad (i.e., Dutch association of Higher Education Colleges); 
LNO2 (i.e., Flemish association for educational consultants); 
VLIR (i.e., Flemish association of research universities); 
VLOHRA (i.e., Flemish association of Higher Education Colleges); 
VOR divisie Hoger Onderwijs (i.e. national association for higher education research); 
VSNU (i.e., Dutch association of research universities). 

International affiliates
AERA division J (American Educational Research Association, Division Post-secondary Education); 
EARLI SIG 4 (European Association for Research on learning and Instruction, Special interest group Higher Education); 
EERA Network 22 (European Educational Research Association, Network Research in Higher Education); 
ICED (International Consortium for Educational Development); 
SRHE (Society for Research into Higher Education). 

RvdR & AS 2013 02 27