SAVE-THE-DATE March 13, 2020 – Conference “The Measurement of Creativity: Theory and Practice”

Dear colleagues,

On March 13, 2020, our creativity research group in Utrecht University is going to organize another UPCE conference (see  on the topic of “The Measurement of Creativity: Theory and Practice”. We are very delighted to bring this event to your attention. The conference will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In last decades, creativity has become a hot topic for research. However, as an important aspect of creativity, what serves as robust measures of creativity is still under controversy. Therefore, this one-day conference will focus on the measurement of creativity. We hope this conference will provide an overview of the current state of the field, new insights from different creativity-niches, and a lively discussing regarding the measurement of creativity. To facilitate this, we have invited five leading scholars from several fields as speakers to share their thoughts and present their research findings, as a starting point for initiating the discussions. The five speakers will address the measurement of creativity from five rather different perspectives: cultural & social (Vlad Glaveanu, Webster University Geneva), creative reading & literature (Inge van de Ven, Tilburg University), VR environment with creativity (Simone Ritter, Radboud University), AI and cognitive sciences (Ana-Maria Olteteanu, Free University Berlin), and psychometric & neural cognitive science (Mathias Benedek, Graz University, Austria).

The conference is currently under preparation and more information is to be released. If you’re interested, don’t forget to save the date!

If you have any question about the conference, please email to

Kind regards,
UPCE team