Save the date: the ICO ISS2020 will become the ICO ISS2021

March 15-19, 2021

After we had to cancel the ICO ISS2020 at the last moment, we have decided to organize the next ICO International School not in 2022, but already next year, in 2021. Most workshop leaders from this year will be available in 2021. The location might be different though. More information about the programme and the location will be announced after the summer.

What is the ICO ISS?

The ICO International Spring School is a small scale international event for PhD members in the educational sciences. Because the ICO ISS is limited in numbers, and focuses on the PhD’s, ICO creates safe environment which makes being there a unique experience. During this week you will participate in workshops given by international researchers, and you will be able to learn from the keynote addresses of two renowned scholars in the field. You will also present your work to each other, after which experienced researchers and your peers will provide you with feedback. And… there is also an extensive social programme, which allows you to really get to know your international colleagues and build up contacts for life.

What to expect:

  • Participation in (one or) two advanced workshops related to methodology and themes within the educational sciences 
  • Share your research in a paper, poster, or a round table presentation,  and receive and provide feedback
  • Join the social programme, which allows you to really get to know your international colleagues

Important dates

  • December 2020 until February 1st, 2021: Registration open
  • February 1, 2021: Submission deadline for your abstract and paper
  • February 1, 2021: Final date for the payment of the registration and accommodation fee

Participation in the ICO ISS is an obligatory part of the ICO educational programme. For those who cannot successfully finish the educational programme because of the cancellation of the ISS2020, please contact us at

Contact: Caroline Vonk 
Twitter: @ico-education #ICOISS2021