How can we make peer feedback more effective?

The use of peer feedback can increase student ownership and learning. However, peer feedback is not always as successful as we want it to be. Therefore, our study (supported by 4TU/CEE) focusses on how we can make the use of peer feedback more effective. We need your help to be able to make sure that both teachers and students benefit from the use of peer feedback.

We are looking for teachers who are interested in participating in our study. Participation will not cost a lot of time. It involves the teacher filling out a questionnaire at the start of the course, the students filling out a questionnaire at the start and end of the course, and providing access to student data (i.e., the peer feedback students provide each other and their grades).  All participating teachers will receive concrete guidelines on how to improve the effectiveness of peer feedback at the end of the study. All participating students will be entered into a lottery to win gift vouchers of 25 euros. If you are a university or HBO teacher using peer feedback in your course this academic year, and if you would like to participate in this study with your students, please email the researcher ( You can also mail or arrange a call to ask any questions you may have. We need your support to increase the effectiveness of peer feedback.