NEW ICO Course: Recent Developments in Learning and Instruction

This completely online course is the second part of the ICO Course Learning and Instruction: Basics and Beyond. The course will start in May 2021, and will be concluded before the summer break.

This course is meant for

  • PhD candidates with a master’s degree in Educational Sciences, or
  • PhD candidates from the field of science education with a master’s degree outside of the educational sciences, but who have previously participated in the first part of the course “Learning and Instruction; Basics and Beyond”

In case you are a PhD candidate with a master’s degree outside of the educational sciences, and you have not yet participated in the “Basic” part of this course, you will first have to participate in “Learning and Instrucions; Basics and Beyond: Basic part”. This course will start again in the Fall of 2021.

Course description
This course contains seven modules. Below you see the list plus the name of the expert researcher who has been interviewed in each module. 

  1. Learning and Transfer: Paul Kirschner
  2. Knowledge and Memory: Björn de Koning
  3. Metacognition and Self-Regulation: Liesbeth Kester
  4. Learning and Instruction: Jeroen van Merriënboer
  5. Motivation and Engagement: Nadira Saab
  6. Learning as a Social Process: Sanne Akkerman
  7. Multimedia Learning: Ton de Jong

Each module in this course contains (1) a research paper, (2) an assignment, and (3) an interview with an experienced researcher in the domain of the module. The researcher is one of the authors of the research paper. During the interview the researcher elaborates on the research paper and gives his or her ideas about major themes to be further studied in the domain of the module. 

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