The research of ICO’s members has been grouped into “themes”. These thematic groups can be regarded as Special Interest Groups. The thematic groups are responsible for the organization of ICO’s thematic courses and also contribute to the ICO biennial National and International Schools and theme group related events together with the VOR. Each group is coordinated by one or more experienced researchers and one PhD student: the theme group coordinators.

For Theme Group 1: Learning and Instruction we are looking for one staff or postdoc-member. Does your research link to the theme “Learning and Instruction“, and do you want to help in organizing ICO’s online courses Learning and Instruction: Basics & Beyond, and Recent Developments in Learning and Instruction, and occasionally organize lectures or events around your research theme, together with coordinator Bjorn de Koning (EUR) and PhD member Dennis Rivera Villa (UCL)?  Please let us know by sending an email to

For Theme Group 7: Schools and the Societal context of education we are looking for two staff or postdoc-members. Research within this thematic group focuses on the impact of the institutional context of schools (laws and regulations, policy networks around schools, governance structures), their social context (e.g. features of students backgrounds), and the characteristics of the school organization on the quality of teaching and learning. Two lines of research can be distinguished (1) accessibility; (2) school effectiveness.

Do you want to be involved in organizing courses for our PhD’s in this ICO Theme group? Please let us know by sending an email to