Utrecht Summer School 2022: Methodology and Statistics Summer School Courses 2022

The Utrecht Summer School is happy to present to you the list of Summer school courses offered by the Department of Methods & Statistics of Utrecht University in collaboration with Utrecht Summer School 2022. For more information and registration please click on the link of the course or check out our flyer.

  • Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using lavaan online only; In this e-learning course, we will go over the basics of structural equation modeling using lavaan. The course will run for two weeks and delivers five full days of content. 04 July – 15 July 2022. (course code: S65)
  • Introduction to multilevel analysis; a 3-day course on the basics of multilevel modelling, offering hands-on experience with HLM. 06 July –  8 July 2022. (course code: S14)
  • Data Science: Introduction to Text Mining with R;  a 4-days course. The course teaches the necessary skills to understand how basic text mining techniques work, and how to use R for a variety of text analysis in many domains of science. 11 July- 14 July 2022 (course code: S41 )
  • Advanced course on using Mplus; a 5-day course for the more experienced Mplus user with a special focus on longitudinal modeling. 11 July – 15 July 2022. (course code: S23)
  • Data Science: Programming with Python;  a 5-day course on computational thinking about data-related problems and the implementation of data analysis with Python. 18 July – 22 July 2022. (course code: S17)
  • Data Science: Data analysis; a 5-day course offering hands-on experience with applying data analysis and visualization techniques, both venerable and novel, using R. 18 July – 22 July 2022. (course code: S31)
  • Netwerk Science; a 5-day course introducing concepts and tools in network science. 18 July – 22 July 2022. (course code: S37)
  • Data Science: Applied Text Mining;  a 5-days course. The course teaches the basic and advanced text mining techniques using Python on a variety of applications in many domains of science. 25 July – 29 July 2022 (course code: S42)
  • Applied multivariate analysis; a 10-day course offering hands-on experience with SPSS for the most frequently encountered multivariate statistical techniques. 15 August – 26 August 2022. (course code: S04)
  1. Modeling the dynamics of intensive longitudinal data; a 4-day course on diverse statistical techniques and their theoretical foundations for the study of dynamics in intensive longitudinal data.  15 August – 18 August, 2022 (course code: S36)
  • A Gentle Introduction to Bayesian Statistics; a 5-day course introducing Bayesian estimation outlining the WAMBS-checklist, approximate measurement invariance, and Bayes Factors . 22 August – 26 August 2022. (course code: S18)
  • AI-Aided Systematic Reviewing  online only; a 5-day course on speeding up your systematic review with the open source and free software ASReview. 29 August –  02 September 2022. (course code: S12)