Registration Procedure and Fee

To register for participation in an ICO Course, fill out the registration form. Registration does not necessarily mean acceptance. See our regulations for details. PhD candidates who are members of ICO have an advantage over external candidates when registering for a course.

Fee – ICO members
Under the terms of the recognition as a research school the participating universities in ICO have made an agreement on the division of the educational programmes costs over the participants. ICO PhD students will, in accordance to this agreement, not be charged for participating in the educational programme of ICO. The costs of the courses will be deducted with the ICO educational fund. Each university in ICO contributes yearly to this fund based on the number of PhD students participating in ICO. In case of exemption for an ICO course or master class, PhD candidates have the right to attend an alternative course or master class within the ICO educational programme.Membership is accepted only when a research proposal has been approved by the ICO Scientific Committee.

Fee – Non-ICO members
The ICO educational programme is open for interested PhD candidates who do not formally participate in ICO. These PhD candidates will be charged a fee of €1.000,00 for each course or master class they attend.

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