For all ICO PhD's: Fill in the ICO Monitor 2019

The ICO PhD Monitor 2019 is now available online, and we would truly appreciate it if you would complete this questionnaire before February 1, 2020. We would like to remind you that completing the monitor is obligatory for all ICO PhD candidates. Also fill out this monitor if you have finished your PhD project this past year. Filling out the questionnaire only takes about 10 minutes.

The ICO Monitor: Why?

First and foremost, the ICO Monitor is there for you. It might help you to get insight in your own progress, or the obstacles you might face. The ICO Monitor also includes some questions about your schedule and possible delays. These questions are not designed to make you worry. Remember that this is something that happens to many PhD’s.

Reflecting on your progress might help you to become aware that action is needed. If you are concerned about the progress of your project, ICO has some suggestions for actions you could take yourself:

  • Talk with your daily supervisor;
  • If this is not an option, find someone else who might be able to guide you: The ICO Counsellor Jules Pieters (phone:+31 6 51639328 or email: or your local ICO PhD representative (see:;
  • In case of a delay, try to delegate some tasks or make changes in your project. For instance, omit the parts that are not vital to your research;
  • And remember: It is OK to say “NO” if someone asks you to take on extra duties, outside of your project.

In case you are worried about indicating any problems or delays, please know that you are not the only one. In any stage of your project the scientific director or the ICO Counsellor are willing to help you. You can use the monitor to indicate you would like to talk to someone. If you do so, we will make it happen.

Other reasons for the ICO Monitor are quality accountability purposes, to complete the ICO administration, and to complete the ICO Dissertation List.


The findings of this monitor are being evaluated by ICO’s Scientific Committee anonymously; they will not be given your name. Also, your responses will not be revealed to your supervisor(s). Only if deemed necessary, ICO’s Scientific Director Diana Dolmans will be given your contact details, so she can contact you to inquire if you need any assistance.